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Supporting and showcasing talent of colour that work in the screen industries.

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Our aim at The TV Collective is to support you to achieve your career aspirations whether that is getting a project green lit or a new job or promotion. We have been doing so for nearly 20 years.

What is The TV Collective?

We are a networking resource that connects content creators of colour working across TV, Film and Digital media to paid opportunities, the industry and each other.

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The British TV industryhas entered what many say is theworst economic downturnwe have seensince COVID-19.There is an ongoing threat ofproductions going on freeze, redundancies going up, jobs opportunities down,and things are not expected to improve forat least six months. 

Historically, it is the Black, Asian and Global Majority communities  who are often left out of the conversation and the first to feel the brunt; WE WANT TO CHANGE THAT NARRATIVE.

Paying it forward! By joining our online platform your contribution will ensure our Black, Asian and Global Majority TV production community continues to access jobs, opportunity, and resources completely free of charge. But 1000 struggling freelancers will also have free access our TVC Online Community Platform for the next 6 months.

We host events, share exclusive industry invitations, offers, resources, key industry dates and opportunities to extend your contact book, collaborate and communicate with our community and beyond. 

This is our mighty network, our community, so get involved and share news, opportunities and above all let's use this space to support each other to success.

We believe your success is our communities success!